Holding On To Paradise

Pensions are a complex and confusing area.  In the past, people would pay into one pension plan all their life or their one employer would provide a pension for them.  Nowadays, things seem much more complicated.  Most people have built up several plans throughout their lifetimes, paperwork can be confusing and records can be thin on the ground. Not many people actually understand exactly what they have and what it will provide for them.  It is always worth a review to make sure you are invested in the right place and that your charges are not too high.  Sometimes it is best to leave your pensions exactly where they are, sometimes it is more cost effective and simple to combine them.  As independent advisers, Talk Money can contact all of your current providers for full details.  After making a review and comparing with the current marketplace we can advise you whether to move or stay put.

Since April 2006 pension legislation has seen some radical changes, the bulk of which, we believe are extremely positive and, give people a real incentive to save for their futures. Pensions have come a long way from the dark days of commission riddled savings plans which were the subject of many mis-sold cases in the 80's and 90's. Pensions today, are low charge, flexible and offer superb fund management.

As part of our planning process we would seek to use all available tax relief we can when formulating our clients retirement plans. This, coupled with the option of self investing and independent fund selection, puts our clients on the right road to achieve their own goals.